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Alejandra Cardenas

Alejandra Cardenas 



Why did you choose the UCDC Program?

I knew I wanted to participate in the UCDC program since my first semester of college when I learned about it through the school’s email. This program was the perfect fit for me because not only did I want to travel and experience something new, I also wanted to test and prove myself that as a 3rd year college student pursuing a career in politics, I could succeed in a different and more competitive environment; and what better place to do that than the Nation’s Capital. I knew that spending a semester in Washington DC would help me achieve all my goals and grow both as a person and a professional.

What was the highlight of your semester in DC?

My whole semester in DC was a highlight, I enjoyed every minute of it. Some of my favorite memories were visiting the National Monuments, seeing the Lincoln Memorial for the first time at night was breathtaking, and was definitely my favorite part of DC. Another amazing memory I have is when I went to Philly and New York with my friends. Waking up in the mornings and walking to work was a very calming and rewarding experience as well, knowing that I was doing something I enjoyed and that mattered made every sleepless night worth it.

What advice would you give students considering the program?

Something I would tell a student considering this program is to do it! Don’t be scared, if you have the opportunity to do it, go for it. The way I see it is that you will only learn from it, and that will only help you grow.

What did you do in your own time while in DC?

In my own time, I liked to go out and walk around; explore the city, find new restaurants, stores, etc. I also enjoyed going out to museums, national monuments, and events going on in the city.