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The foundation of the UCDC program is experiential learning. By interning 32 hours per week, students have the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen their professional skills
  • Develop networking abilities and gain significant contacts
  • Gain knowledge about potential career paths

Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the program, students are encouraged to research and secure internships with organizations that match their academic and career goals.

Resources for Researching Internships

UC Washington Center Internship advice from UC alumni and a listing of internships received by the Center
UC San Diego Career Services Center Internships organized by discipline and research areas
UC Merced Center for Career and Professional Advancement Help finding internships, resume and cover letter tips, and interview prep

The UCDC program does not provide internship placement; securing an internship is the primary responsibility of the student. Students are encouraged to consult UCDC program coordinators and the Career Services Center for internship advice and guidance.