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The Washington, D.C. area is served by three major airports

DCA is located in Arlington, VA just across the Potomac River from the Nation's Capital. Terminal B/C provides direct access to the Metro. Other travel options include the Super Shuttle and the Supreme Shuttle .

IAD is located in Chantilly, VA, 26 miles from downtown D.C. Travel options include the Super Shuttle, and a shuttle to the Metro.

BWI is located 31 miles north of downtown D.C. Travel options include the Super Shuttle and a shuttle to the Metro .


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

The closest stations to the Washington Center are Farragut North on the Red Line and Farragut West on the Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines.

Disctrict Department of Transportation

With over 2,500 bicycles, you can choose any of the over 300 stations across Washington, D.C., Arlington and Alexandria, VA, and Montgomery County, MD and return it to any of the stations near your destination.

Provides access to Baltimore's Penn Station, Camden Yards, and BWI. Operates Monday through Friday ONLY. One way fare does not exceed $10.

Provides access to East Coast cities including Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. Operates every day of the week