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Pre-Health in D.C.

Interested in health policy, public health, healthcare research? 

Then UCDC could be the right program for you! Through UCDC you could gain valuable knowledge in the fields of health policy, public health, and research pertaining to healthcare. You will also have opportunities to network with influential leaders, researchers, and advocates in the field of your interest. 

The experiences you gain in the UCDC program will help you stand out in any application and prepare you for the rigor of post-university work life. In addition, the professional connections you make in D.C. could open doors for potential positions and/or letter of recommendation writers. 

Internship Opportunities

Many different organizations have their headquarters in Washington, D.C. or are based in nearby areas. Students participating in the UCDC program have the opportunity to work in either federal, non-profit, or private organizations. Here are just a few examples: 

  • American Cancer Society 
  • American Diabetes Association
  • American Public Health Association 
  • National Institute of Health 
  • Department of Health and Human Services 

... and many more

New: Science Policy Internship Program Fellowship

The UCDC Center has developed a new program specifically for students in STEM majors. Students in these fields that are accepted into the UCDC program have the opportunity to apply to this fellowship, intern at any STEM-related organization of their choice and recieve a stipend to assist with living expenses in Washington, D.C. 

Link to the application and more information can be found here:

Helpful Information

Internship Opportunities